Morning photo: Snow daze …

It just keeps on coming

Frisco snow.
Frisco snow.

FRISCO —It just keeps getting deeper in Summit County, with the latest round of snow fueled by an atmospheric river — sometimes called a pineapple connection — tapping subtropical Pacific moisture from beyond Hawaii. For us in the Colorado high country it translates to snow, snow and more snow. January will go down as the third-wettest on record in Breckenridge, and the first week of February has already brought a month’s worth of snow to the area, with more moisture on the way. There’s really only one thing to do when it’s like this — get out and revel while you can!

Clearing storm in Tenmile Canyon.
One of my favorite cabins on Main Street in Frisco.
The Tenmile Range
The Tenmile Range bathed in the blue light of an early winter morning.
Along the Lower Blue.



One thought on “Morning photo: Snow daze …

  1. Reblogged this on DenverSpeax and commented:
    Beautiful shot from Frisco – who’s headed up to shred today?! There’s much powder to look forward to. Be safe and have a great time!
    Check out Summit County Citizens Voice blog by clicking on the picture.

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